Samsung is committed to supporting confident decision-making with Beyond Experience™, an integrated solution designed to provide medical professionals with a new and outstanding experience in diagnosis, providing rich perspectives , advanced intelligence and streamlined workflow.

All of this combines to enable patient-centered care.

HQ Vision™

HQ Vision™ is a new, advanced technology for visualizing anatomical structures. With improved image clarity, this feature enables quick diagnosis.


S-Flow enables peripheral vascular detection through an advanced color flow image processor with high sensitivity, making scanning easy even in technically difficult diagnostic situations, resulting in increased accuracy and improve patient service.


The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and produces sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. It reduces the halo phenomenon that occurs when the tissue contour is enhanced and eliminates noise on the tissue boundary.


This new harmonic technology provides greater image uniformity from near to far, while reducing signal noise.


Strain+ is a quantitative tool for total and partial contraction of the left ventricle (LV). In Strain+, three standard LV views and Bull’s Eye are displayed on four screens for easy and quick assessment of LV functionality.


Stress Echo records and reports vessel wall movement. The machine offers pharmacological stress echocardiography, diastolic echocardiography, and motor echocardiography.


A diagnostic ultrasound technique for the visualization of elasticity, ElastoScan™ detects the presence of solid masses in tissue and converts that stiffness into a color image, verifying the presence of lesions.

The E-Strain™ allows for quick and easy calculation of tension between two zones during everyday procedures such as breast, prostate or gynecological exams.


With just one operation, the clinician can select the type of probe associated with the most commonly used preset. Quick Preset maximizes all day productivity simply and easily.


EZ-Compare™ allows easy access to previous diagnostics to evaluate similar frames in the side-by-side display. For greater efficiency, EZ-Compare™ automatically combines image settings, captions, and body markers from a previous diagnosis.

Measure Navigation

Wrong target selection can lead to incorrect diagnosis. With this in mind, Samsung provides scale orientation to help improve measurement diagnostic accuracy. Taking the position of the mouse pointer as the starting point, it zooms in on the image so that the user can easily and accurately select the target point.