The RS80 EVO is a versatile system that provides exquisite image quality for a wide range of applications including abdominal, cardiac, vascular and musculoskeletal, with advanced diagnostic features. Samsung’s ultrasound system will help you make decisions faster and with more confidence while maintaining a high degree of uniformity.

MV-Flow™ offers a new alternative to power Doppler for slow-flow visualization of microchip structures. High frame rates and advanced filtering allow MV-Flow™ to provide a detailed view of blood flow in relation to surrounding tissue or pathology with enhanced spatial resolution.


CEUS+ technology utilizes the unique properties of acoustic ultrasound. When stimulated with low MI frequencies, the oscillating microbubbles reflect both the fundamental frequency and the harmonic signal.

In addition, Samsung’s latest technologies VesselMax and FlowMax provide clear images of blood vessels and blood flow for doctors to make reliable diagnoses.

S-Fusion™ allows simultaneous localization of a lesion by real-time ultrasound in combination with other volumetric imaging modalities. Samsung Auto Enroll helps to quickly and accurately combine images, increasing efficiency and reducing procedure time. S-Fusion™ enables precise targeting during interventions and other advanced clinical procedures.

S-Fusion™ for Prostate allows precise targeting in prostate biopsies. Based on 3D models created with MR datasets, S-Fusion™ for Prostate provides biopsy guidance to help safely navigate and target the prostate

HQ Vision™

HQ Vision™ is a new, advanced technology for visualizing anatomical structures. With improved image clarity, this feature enables quick diagnosis.


This new harmonic technology provides greater image uniformity from near to far, while reducing signal noise.


The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and produces sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. It reduces the halo phenomenon that occurs when the tissue contour is enhanced and eliminates noise on the tissue boundary.


S-Shearwave™ detects the velocity of shearwaves traveling through the target lesion and displays a hardness reading of ln kPa or m/s along with a reliable measurement index (RMI)*. S-Shearwave™ helps to reduce the number of routine liver biopsies by providing quantitative information on tissue characteristics.

*Reliable Measurement Index (RMI): is an index that calculates the reliability of a calculation to assist in choosing the optimal measurement.

Arterial Analysis™

Arterial Analysis™ detects changes in blood vessel function, providing measurements such as stiffness and intra-media wall thickness. Since functional changes precede morphological changes, this technology enables early detection of cardiovascular diseases.

S-3D Arterial Analysis™

S-3D Arterial Analysis™ simplifies volumetric measurement of arterial plaque, providing a 3D vessel model. With Samsung’s S-3D Arterial Analyzer, obtaining information on arterial plaque volume is quick and easy even for special patients. In addition, it allows you to monitor the morphological changes of the arteries.

S-Detect™ for Breast

S-Detect™ for Breast helps standardize reporting and classification of breast lesions by integrating BIRADS® ATLAS* (Breast Imaging and Reporting System, Atlas) into the tool. When the user selects an area of ​​interest, S-Detect™ for Breast -Detect™ for Breast automatically defines lesion boundaries, providing the option to classify and export images.


The S-Vision™ beam generator receives the returned signal through a complex digital filtering system resulting in reduced noise and virtual images.

S-Detect™ for Thyroid

S-Detect™ for Thyroid uses advanced technology based on K-TIRADS, RUSS and ATA* guidelines in detecting and classifying suspicious thyroid lesions. This innovative technology helps you diagnose your patients with confidence and ease, providing accurate, consistent results and automated reporting.