WS80A with Elite

Samsung WS80A with Elite

Samsung WS80A with Elite


WS80A with Elite with Crystal Clear Cycle™, an integrated solution to women’s health problems, and provides effective diagnostic solutions for the most important events in women’s lives.

CrystalLive™ 3D

Margin enhancement with HDVI™

Margin enhancement with HDVI™ is a volume rendering technology that improves the visualization of small edges and structures in volume data. HDVI™ provides enhanced image saturation and marginal expression with dedicated image sets for 3D/4D.

CrystalLive™ Color

Detailed representation of blood flow.

CrystalLive™ color performance has been improved for clear visualization of blood flow hemodynamics. Greater sensitivity due to new color signal processing enables more accurate detection of peripheral blood vessels, microcirculatory blood flow, and slow blood flow.

5D Follicle™ (Folicle measurement) identifies and measures multiple ovarian follicles for rapid assessment of follicle size and follicle size during gynecological examination.


CEUS+ utilizes the unique properties of acoustic ultrasound. When stimulated with low MI frequencies, the oscillating microbubbles reflect both the fundamental frequency and the harmonic signal.

In addition, Samsung’s latest technologies VesselMax and FlowMax provide clear images of blood vessels and blood flow for doctors to make reliable diagnoses.

Biometry Assist™

A semi-automated technology for biometric measurements allows doctors to measure fetal growth faster and with greater accuracy while maintaining visit consistency.

5D Limb Vol.™ (Estimated fetal weight)

5D Limb Vol™ is a semi-automatic instrument for fast and accurate measurement of arm or thigh mass from 3 simple points on a single mass dataset. These measurements can then be used to accurately estimate fetal weight as well as provide additional information about the nutritional status of the fetus.

5D CNS+™ (fetal brain measurement)

5D CNS+™ uses a smart navigation system that enables 6 measurements from 3 cross-sections of the fetal brain to enhance repeatability and streamline workflow. It includes axial views, sagittal and left and right longitudinal views with 9 planes.

5D NT™ (measurement of nuchal translucency)

5D NT™ allows users to automatically obtain front-to-back longitudinal profiles by rotating and automatically magnifying the image. This innovative technology is especially useful when dealing with difficult cases related to fetal position.

5D Heart Color™ (Fetal Heart Test)

5D Heart Color™ uses STIC block data. Color Doppler is performed in 9 standard fetal echocardiograms with only one monitor.

Realistic Vue™

Realistic Vue™ presents high-resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail and lifelike depth of field. The surgeon can select the direction of the light source to create perfect darkness for better identification of anatomical structures.

Crystal Vue™

Crystal Vue™ is an advanced reshaping technology that enhances visualization of internal and external structures through a single montage, by uniquely combining intensity, gradient and position.

Crystal Vue Flow™

Crystal Vue Flow™ provides a deeper and more detailed view of vascular structures and displays blood vessels in a range of different imaging levels. Crystal Vue Flow™ adds spatial accuracy of hemodynamic flow, morphological information and helps clinicians gain insight into the involved anatomy and adjacent vessels.

E-Cervix™ (ElastoScan™ cervical feature)

E-Cervix™ demonstrates tension between the endocervical orifice by inducing vibrations by natural movements within the body. This technology can increase reproducibility and reduce differences between observers, using a total of 50 elastic images obtained in 3.5 seconds

Neonatal/fetal probe

High-end transducers enable excellent resolution and more efficient scanning.

S-Detect™ for Breast

S-Detect™ for Breast helps standardize reporting and classification of breast lesions by integrating BIRADS® ATLAS* (Breast Imaging and Reporting System, Atlas) into the tool. When the user selects an area of ​​interest, S-Detect™ for Breast -Detect™ for Breast automatically defines lesion boundaries, providing the option to classify and export images.

IOTA-ADNEX™ (Ovarian tumor classification)

Samsung adopted the ADNEX* model to classify ovarian tumors as suggested by the IOTA team** and named it IOTA-ADNEX™. Now all ultrasound procedures, from initial scan to final report, can be performed using the same system. It will even automatically populate 2 ultrasound predictors***, as soon as they are measured, and provide a report that categorizes the results according to the ADNEX 5-level classification for ovarian tumours, helping the user makes appropriate decisions to manage the patient’s condition.


The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and produces sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. The integration of specialized Samsung technologies greatly improves picture quality.


This new harmonic technology provides greater image uniformity from near to far. Reducing signal noise, S-Harmonic™ helps to homogenize ultrasound images.

Better image quality with S-Vue (Monocrystalline Technology) probe.

The S-Vue probe has wider bandwidth and higher sensitivity than conventional Samsung probes. They allow to increase the resolution in the deep part so that the image quality is significantly improved even for patients with difficult ultrasound.

In addition, the S-Vue probe is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand and handle.

Wide angle endocavity probe

The new wide-angle endocavity probe (E3-12A) provides a viewing angle of up to 210° allowing for a wider display of pelvic anatomy. It often allows visualization of the entire cervix and uterus in normal anatomy as well as viewing left-right symmetry in the transverse view.